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Greetings and Glad Tidings,

My name is Mary and I’m pretty much your average high-schooler trying to get good grades, I love reading, writing and drawing. And I happen to have a certain obsession with anything Asian, including culture, people, technology, fashion, anime/manga, dramas and their beautiful music. I happen to be half-Indonesian, half-Trinidadian (South American) but proud to be born in Canada. Ever since I was young I’ve been brought up to have a voice as a person who sticks up for diversity. And that I will always do. I’m also Muslim and proud to be. I’m very friendly and social able. Give me a shout!Or Not. lolLurker Enjoy and thanks for the visit. <3
Specific Likes:
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Gackt: There is no voice like him, his songs take my breath away.
Miyavi: Love his style, it’s so creative and original. God bless.
KAT-TUN: If you don’t know them search for them. They made my life a little bit brighter. Beautiful faces, voices and talents all wrapped in one! My favorite music signers ever! <3 God bless again,
Crystal Kay: I am proud of this woman and her triumphs. I wish her the best. Her voice is beautiful and she shows that you don’t need to be Japanese to sing and enjoy Japanese music.
BoA: My favorite Korean female signer!
Bi Rain: My favorite Korean male singer! His songs are so fun. XD
Black Eyed Peas: My favorite English band! Their music is so enjoyable and entertaining. And the cultural mix makes it even more impressive.
Breaking Benjamin: My second favorite band, love their voices.
Christina Aguilera: I LOVE HER! Her voice is spectacular! And she’s so pretti~!

One Piece: My favorite anime/manga of all time. There are so many dramatic points within this tightly knit story that I’ve been thoroughly inspired by Oda Eiichiro. I wish the best for him and a long life. You can’t believe how much I cried when watching this.
Lovely Complex: THE best romance comedy anime/manga ever! Very nice simple story. It’s hard to disappoint.
NANA: The truth and wholesome-ness of the lessons in this anime/manga. Make for the best shoujou series ever.
Basquash: A load of under-rated fun. Actually made me show a bit of respect for my least favorite sport.
Samurai Champloo: lol Just watch it and you’re hooked. Mugen makes for a very memorable character.
Eureka Seven: A beautiful mix of genres and characters. I’d recommend this to any new-comer to anime.
Death Note: It explains itself.
Majin Tentai Nogami Neuro: Watch when you’re in a dry spell. Neuro is the coolest.
AIR: Dramatic, the best anime for both anime and non-anime fans alike. The music is remarkable.

Merlin: This show is very immensely entertaining and fun to watch. The characters are all so likeable and its probably the best UK TV show, right now.
Zettai Kareshi: The drama is so fun to watch! For anyone new to Jdrama’s, this is recommended.
My Boss, My Hero: A CLASSIC I TELL YOU! A CLASSIC! PLUS KOKI IS SO F*CKING ADORABLE~!!!!111 (Forgive my fangirling)
Ohitorisama: Very comedic! I enjoy romances that celebrate the idea of age gaps. XD
The Man Who Cannot Marry: Very fun. Lol I love the main character.

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